Pond Maintenance in Harwich

Making the decision to add a pond or body of water to your home can completely change how you view your property. As well as adding a unique feature, it allows you to make the most of your outdoor space.

Specialist Pond Construction

At R & M Ponds we have been specialising in pond maintenance and pond construction services across the Harwich area for many years. Whether you re looking for a new construction or to update the current feature you have, we will always be able to help.

For more details about the pond construction and pond maintenance services we offer in Harwich, call us today on 01449 763503.

Maintaining Your Pond

If you have a water feature in your garden, then regular maintenance is key to keeping it in its best condition. You can create an amazing wildlife habitat around your pond and taking care of this is important. Without the correct pond maintenance you could end up with an unattractive feature that is harming living creatures.

Quite often serious problems can develop from falling leaves during Autumn. This debris can block up your pond and reduce the cleanliness of the environment. You will also need to look out for a build-up of algae and weeds. This can quickly grow out of control and spoil how your feature looks.

Design and Installation

As well as maintaining features in your garden, we can additionally help you to create the perfect pond for your home. Pond construction is one of our key specialities and there are many different designs available to pick from. We take many different things into consideration including the space you have to use, what you want to achieve, as well as your budget.

As well as designing a new feature for you to enjoy all year around, we will always clear the site you have and provide pond installation services for you.

Additionally, we offer dredging services to ensure any excess silt is removed from bodies of water. This is a great way of tackling issues that you may be facing such as:

  • Foul smells
  • Increased risks of flooding
  • Reduced levels of water
  • Risks of contamination for wildlife

We recommend draining your pond completely prior to dredging to make sure all unwanted waste is removed as efficiently as possible.

Why R & M Ponds?

Using years of experience in the industry, our team here at R & M Ponds are always on hand to help. We offer a range of construction and maintenance services for ponds, lakes, water features, moats and more.

Bringing your dream installation to life is much easier than you think! Our team of experienced designers and installers spend time getting to know you. This allows us to find the right solution for your garden.

There are a variety of services that we offer across the Harwich area, including:

  • Pond Construction Work
  • Water Feature Design & Installation
  • Garden Maintenance & Landscaping
  • Dredging

Additionally, we are now at the Garden Centre at Stonham Barns where you can discuss your new pond or maintenance needs with us.

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